Walk On Me

“Marche sur moi” (Walk on me) is an installation designed for the cupola of the Municipal Museum in Arnhem. The installation is a floor of words and wall-mounted text plates, that enter into a dialogue with each other and with the receiver of the message.

Marche sur moi, ecrase-moi, salis-moi, souille-moi, encore, encore, encore….

The texts are anything but neutral, verging on the aggressive. In this sense, the floor and wall acquire almost personal characteristics. As spectator, you cannot avoid them, a feature which is reinforced because the texts are laid into the floor: the spectator enters into an almost physical involvement with the words.

Walk over me, step over me, stamp on me, crush me, dirty me, sully me, again, and again and again.
And the walls say: “Me too, me too …”

Moi aussi, moi aussi…
  • Idea & realisation: Martine Neddam
  • Exhibition: February 29th to April 12th 1992
  • Sponsered and fabricated by: FORBO Krommenie
  • Collection: Arnhem Gemeente Museum
UIT Arnhem April 1992