“these are a few of my favourite things…”

Welkom Sign

“these are a few of my favourite things…” is the title of this show.As part of the event Home Sequence, I have invited Michelle Son and Maartje Smits to exhibit in my house on 27/28/29/30 june 2019. I’m also showing some (text) objects in my house which I consider art, signed or unsigned.

Thursday 27 June 19/21:00 OPENING HOME SEQUENCE
Friday 28 June 14/19:00
Saturday 29 June 14/19:00
Sunday 30 June 14/19:00

Here is my favourite version of this famous song. In the lyrics it says that the mere thought of the things you like makes you feel better. And I add: provided you can summon a beautiful list of them from your memory… or inside your own house.
Added to my list of favourite things normally present in my house, are the works of Maartje Smits and Michelle Son.

Maartje Smits

The matter of mothers and mud
An installation and intimate chatbot performance about motherhood and what happens if a writer or artist creates a baby. This performance will be taking place in the safe space of a spare bedroom. For optimal experience a smartphone is handy but it’s no necessity. 

Performances on:
Thursday the 27 th of June (time: 20:00)
Friday the 28th of June (time: 18:00)
Saturday the 29th of June (time:15:00)
Max. 12 – 15 people per performance.

Maartje Smits is a poet in image and language. She investigates topics like ‘girliness’ and ‘nature’  by observing and infiltrating, operating in the limbo between art and literature. Her work consists of films, performances, texts and intimate confessions. Her books of (visual) poetry When you’re a girl and How I started a forest in my bathroom were published by publishing house De Harmonie. 


Michelle Son

like a luminous animal

“oh, na, na, na”
M’s largest room
cathedral height
“oh, na, na, na”
marmoleum movements
sticks that look like sketches of sticks
“bom bomm!… bom bomm!”
blipped portal
rolling companion

Scripting spaces is an activity that shapes Michelle Son’s artistic practice. Her interest in the paradox of language has developed into visual and experiential practices. This forms the structure for multiple media to activate a space, through sound, performance interventions, video, object-making or hybrid writing practices. Other subjects of interest stretch across notions of self-care, suburbia, cinema, flâneury, womanhood, wildness, diaspora and (in)direct communication. 


Martine Neddam

“these are a few of my favourite things…”
Your own house has something comforting and familiar, just like a song you might hum to yourself. It hosts some of your favourite things. They might happen to be works of art, made by others or by yourself, or not even works of art, but just things or objects that you like having around. Things that bring you warmth, just by thinking of them.
I’m inviting Maartje Smits and Michelle Son to show their art in my house, to mingle with the space, shake off the dust, or blow it away with new words or new things.

floor plan of my home/studio with “my favourite things”

Martine Neddam is an artist who uses language as raw material.  Speech acts, modes of address, words in the public space were always her favourite subjects by which she had several museum and gallery exhibitions and large scale public commissions. Since 1996 she has created virtual characters on the internet who lead an autonomous artistic existence in which the real author remains invisible, Mouchette among others. She has also built several online participatory interfaces. To obtain my address, and the hours of the show, follow the rules of the Home Sequence project:
To receive the list of home addresses and the events schedule please RSVP to the email address: homesequenceadam@gmail.com
We kindly ask you not to circulate this document in order to keep overview of who obtained the list of private addresses of the participating artists. The list will be distributed few days before the opening.
Home Sequence was initiated by Sascha Pohle and Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec in 2018

Views of the opening at my place on 27 june

M. & M. & M. photo by Michelle Son