emerged after Neddam had observed unexpected turns in the use of Whereas masquerades as an individual blog, its interactive narrative tools open up a site that extends beyond the me – you relation, to include a third party. Presenting itself as an individual portrait, the site is in reality a masque that users appropriate in order to communicate, and hence to present something about themselves. follows up on this idea of an identity-sharing interface that allows users to both communicate via a virtual persona and to share in the construction of its identity. In this manner, functions as a big laboratory where a tertiary space is opened up and renegotiated collectively.

Left, Stephanie’s contribution, right Lida’s contribution

See here one of the pages created by online members, Stephanie, or Lidaand integrated as parts of Mouchette’s website.

This second platform was launched through an official ceremony in 2003 in New York. While Neddam was the invited artist at the Franklin Furnace residency and Postmasters Gallery, the supposed artist behind came forth to meet their fans, reveal their identity, and talk about their motives and intentions. The event took place within an inflatable environment especially constructed with New York artist Anakin Koenig at Postmasters Gallery: see “Inside Mouchette” at AKAirways. Most importantly, the ceremony provided an opportunity for Mouchette to give the website away, leading to the creation of
After functioning very successfully for several years, today is described by Neddam as a castle that users can visit but in which they can no longer live, because many of the internet features used to construct the site are no longer operating properly. lead to the creation by Neddam of the virtual persona of David Still and XiaoQian.

Text: Anik Fournier