Madja E. G., online curator

Can an exhibition be curated by an artificial intelligence?

Online Exhibition “The Recombinants”.

Curator : Madja Edelstein-Gomez .

Can an exhibition be curated by an Artificial Intelligence?

This challenge was taken up by Madja Edelstein Gomez for her exhibition “The Recombinants”.

The participants who responded to an open call were carefully selected by sophisticated algorithms. And now what you experience is a mesmerizing mixture of pictures, videos, sounds, texts situated in an ever-changing screen.

Welcome to the show of the future: The Recombinants.

Even more than their works of art, the personality of the artists, the way they describe themselves and their work, how they show their face or their whole person, all this is being recombined inside the show. On the screen you are offered different perspectives, and with a click, their appearances are slowly revealed to you. Their words will create new meanings in front of your eyes.

Online you will experience a live processing of the data by our artificial intelligence algorithms.

This individual discovery is left to your patient curiosity and sagaciousness. Online each viewer will visit a different show, will travel different spaces and the perspectives of the talent of our invited artists, which you can also visit one by one. Stand by the incredible exhibition robots and experience their instant power of calculation. Guess their moves, anticipate their combinations, outsmart their artistic intelligence.
Beware, it might shake your browser and melt your microprocessor!

What artificial intelligence demonstrates is the extreme compatibility of artists. All styles, medias, artistic genres were called for and selected to be recombined in the show. None was too singular, exceptional, or beyond standards. None was too old fashioned, average, ugly, or too unoriginal to be considered as art. The wisdom of artificial intelligence is to dismiss the expected categories of art and to make intuition and sensitivity resurface from within the categorization of art with its historic and social overload. Here viewers are reconciled with pure perception. Here artistic institutions are invited to open up to a new world of art where they may shake off their preconceptions and rethink their notion of what an exhibition can be in the era of the Internet.

Specially for the Art-O-Rama presentation, Madja Edelstein-Gomez chose to record three fifteen minute-long screen captures. They unwind the experience of a live presentation as a recombined hypnotic show of beauty. Here you are invited to create your own trajectory and discover and experience your own show on your computer.

Madja Edelstein-Gomez (born in 1960 in Montevideo, Uruguay) is an independent curator, who has composed several large thematic exhibitions (Bangalore, Buenos Aires, Prague, Tbilisi, Toronto…). Edelstein-Gomez currently lives in Kuala Lumpur and Paris. She is also an activist working with several NGOs. Visit her website:

The online exhibition is produced by Zinc (Marseilles) and supported by : Dicréam-CNC, Château Ephémère (Carrières-sous-Poissy), Espace Gantner (Belfort), Rhizome (New York).

Madja Edelstein-Gomez is the collaborative creation of M. Neddam and E.Guez