In the Stedelijk Museum

How can you exhibit in the museum as part of the collection?
A 2×2 m screenshot, plus 2 gifs and a QR code, this is my  proposal to the museum. and I’m so happy with it!

A very large screenshot, to emulate immersion in someone’s face. It existed at the origin of the work, when the picture was much larger all the screens. Now online the picture is the same size but the screens got so much larger that the picture tiles, and the immersive effect has disappeared. I’m so grateful for this wall presentation to revive an aspect of the work that has disappeared.
The hanging of this part collection is very beautiful and very smart. It is made by Karen Archey, the media curator of the Stedelijk Museum.
The digital part of the collection is not separated but exhibited along with the other arts; here paintings by René Daniels.
And opposite is the very beautiful work by Rosa Menkman: a Vernacular of File Formats.
The text has been re-written and takes into account the nature of the acquisition: “ Version 01”, a time-stamped big bunch of data.
The QR code also works on this picture

Found online: someone got his picture taken with their tongue on Mouchette’s tongue. The online attraction also works on the wall.