This multiple based on a french language pun was created in 1990 at the lithography studio URDLA in Villeurbanne, France

I made quite a few prints at the URDLA studio between 1990 and 1992 and they are all archived in their website under the name of NEDDAM

They are still on sale HERE

The text about Martine Neddam (in french) in the website of URDLA is very accurately written, by Josselyne Naef, an art critic and art collector who owns some of my works from that time.

I came to think of this work again when the Artothèque (Art Loan Library) of La Roche sur Yon (France) who owns this edition of two pieces “D’OEIL/D’YEUX” asked me high resolution pictures for their loan catalogue. I referred them to the URDLA who had sold them the prints, and I’m using here their (low quality) photos, for the time being.
Artothèque de la Roche sur Yon